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Standard Hydraulic groups




Standard Hydraulic groups

Bitron provides to the market, and in particular to wall hung boiler manufacturers, a wide range of integrated solutions. Bitron's know how and competences gained in years of work in the field have enabled the company to produce plug and play systems completely assembled and tested. In order to give its customers the possibility to choose between customized products and off the shelf ones Bitron has developed a variety of standard water-sets ready for use.


Driver For Permanent Magnet Motor


  • Fan state Sensing & Control (Underspeed, locked rotor).
  • Fan efficiency estimation.
  • Main power measuring.
  • EMI Filter Reduction.
  • Power-stage Integration & downsizing.
  • Control Integration (with proprietary devices & algorithms, e.g. high-voltage dc/proportional valves, burner commissioning and control etc.).

Technical data

  • SD 1.0 – Sensorless Driver for permanent-magnet BL AC  motors.
  • Specially designed for HVAC applications (Fan drives).
  • Single-card, stand-alone, High-Efficiency electronic controller.
  • Single-phase input (187¸264 Vrms, 50-60 Hz).
  • Three-phase  output  (up to 110 Vrms, 500 Hz fund., 20 KHz pwm).
  • Sinusoidal output current (0.6 Arms rated, up to 1.5 Arms for 60 s).