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Snap action microswitches are mechatronic parts suitable for closing, opening or switching electrical circuits under resistance or motors loads. They are biased switched (i.e. a stable mechanical position exists); an internal elastic element grants the return to the initial position, once the operations is accomplished. They are installed inside electrical circuits of home appliances, vending, industrial devices, vehicles, HVAC. 


Rotary Switches

Main Features

  • Double contact for high reliability.
  • "O-Ring" for dust-proof versions.
  • Gold plated PCB tracks.
  • SMD resistors.
  • Snap-in mounting: two versions.
  • Two shafts versions.
  • Single or double side pcb.




Float Switches  

Main Features

  • It consists of a floater, wich actuates a low force microswitch.
  • Mounted at the bottom of the washing machines, it indicates the presence of water due to any leakage from the hydraulic circuit or an overflow.
  • Available also with plastic float (Patented).






Floater: float switches  

Main Features

  • It consists of a floater, which actuates a low force microswitch.
  • Mounted on cloths dryers, it indicates that the water tank is full and the drain pump can be activated.
  • It implements a plastic float (patented)