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Analog Pressure Sensor

The Bitron Pressure Sensor uses a Collpits oscillator and a microprocessor to produce a frequency output signal proportional to the pressure in a pneumatic chamber.

Calibration of the device allows the microprocessor to provide an output signal following a pressure-frequency table specified by the customer.
Corrections are made on several points of the curve in order to improve the tolerance over the whole pressure range.






Axial flow meter


Radial flow meter

Flow Meter for Solenoid Valves

Sensor Construction

An axial turbine rotates in the water flow.Turbine may be placed either in the inlet or outlet. Rotation is detected by a reed switch or a hall sensor.

Technical characteristics

  • Medium temperature
    and water quantity: 250 m3 @ 95°C / 450 m3 @ 65°C / 800 m3 @ 25°C
  • Power supply: 5V
  • Output devices: Reed - Hall
  • K pulse per liter: 65 to 2300
  • Min. detected flow rate: 0.2L
  • Max. flow rate: 40L
  • Tolerance: 3 pulses


Spray arm sensor

Solution for dishwasher to detect rotation and blocks of the middle spray arm even in presence of dirt and detergent film in front of the sensor.


Temperature & Turbidity Sensors


OWI, The optical water quality sensor, measures  the water  temperature, the contamination and the presence of the foam. It is located at the bottom of the dishwasher tub and it sends electrical signals to the main controller. This device helps  the optimisation of  water usage, the quantity of  the detergent used and presence of foam. 

1. Selected IR LED's-Phototransistor
2. Temperature measurement
3. Optical foam detection (patented)
4. Flame treatment on optical surface
5. 6-way RAST2.5 connector interface

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