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Electronic Controls






Electronic Controls for Washing Machine

We design and develop electronic controls for appliance in order to achieve maximum efficiencies in term of cost and performances and in terms of samples availability. We provide to our valuable customer, R&D competence, engineering/industrialization competence and EMS service.

Technical features

Our leadership in mechatronic components permits to develop more friendly user interface and power control board for each customers product line. Service include use of TFT, LCD display, touch sensor buttons and switches interfaced with each customer bus system. Class A and B software development also complete the product development.


  • User interface multi purpose designed an developed for any products line combined with plastic housing and support. Power board HW and SW designed and developed to all kinds of household appliance.
  • Integrated Main and User Interface for radiant hobs with proprietary software for water drop safety error management.
  • Display led timer.
  • Cooktop controller.
  • Rotative selector encoder.