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Ferrari 550 Maranello

  • Climate control panel added with various other functions
  • Climate control: rotary knobs for air distributions, fan speed, air temperature; push buttons for A/C ON/OFF and re-circulation.
  • Added functions: 3 push buttons for emergency, and 2 assignable functions, pilot light for anti-theft, pilot light of deactivation of the passenger air-bag.
  • All controls made by electrical signal (no bowden).
  • Plastic comoulded support panel with ideograms obtained by laser etching, rear illuminable. Surface finished with transparent paint (soft-touch effect) on both the panel and knobs/buttons.



Fiat - Ulysse; Lancia - Fedra; Pugeot - 807

  • Fan speed control switch for air-conditioning
    - Power circuit got from PCB
    - Symbols are illuminated by orange LED-s
  • Switch system got by a sliding contact assembled on a rotor ring
    - Positioning marking system: sphere + spring assembled into the housing
    - External electrical connection by a connector on the plastic bracket




  • Painted and lasered knobs, illuminated symbols, mechanically assembled light indicators
  • Silicone dome switching with carbon pills
  • LCD negative segments display hamber illumination 606 nm 4 layers PCB double reflow lead free, SMD connector 
  • Software application layer developed by Bitron 
  • TMC-Vector CAN driver in Autosar 4.0 created by Bitron
  • Low level software and integration done by Bitron
  • The panel ECU integrate both thermal algorithm and user interface and directly drive fan and flaps.
  • Development phase managed in cooperation with PSA engineering

P5 display  Renault - Laguna

  • Temperature control double zone.
  • Customized display for single or dual zone.
  • Flaps controlled by mechanical linkage or electrical motorized actuators.
  • CAN network communication bus.
  • Illumination by LED or long life lamps.
  • Customized feeling for rotating knobs.
  • Aesthetic finishing available: Soft touch painting, Laser etching, Insert with finishing films, Conductive elastomer keys.


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