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Bistable Valve

Main Features

  • Reduced dimensions.
  • Flow rate at 3 bar >=900 l/h
  • External leakage at 20 bar < 1 gr/year of refrigerant.
  • Internal leakage at 3 bar < 5 l/h.
  • Pressure range from 0 to 20 bar.
  • Refrigerant max temperature: 80°C.
  • Ambient temperature: -20 °C to +60 °C.
  • No power needed to hold position.
  • Class 2 insulation.
  • Voltage: 220/240 V.
  • Reduced power to switch over.
  • Reduced noise during switching, no noise in hold position.
  • Compatible with R134a and R600.
  • No rubber parts in the internal valve.
  • Also availables as check valve.


Motorized Valves For Alternating Washing

Main Features

Two standard drive systems are available: they are made by a motor gear train, coding contacts and output pignon. They may be adapted to different valve configurations, as shown in the photos.


Security Systems Valves

We manufacture several types of safety valve. From the acquastop system connected directly to the tub to safety valves mounted inside the washing machine:

  • Single coil version with high or low pressure hose.
  • Two coils versions with low pressure hose that can also be used for machines with motorized water distribution.
  • Hybrid version with two valves in series: one actuated by coil, the other by pressure generated by overflow.
  • Double special fill hose with integrated valve.


Solenoid Valve with Flowmeter


Axial flowmeter can be integrate into the valve. In case of in the integration in the inlet, the total dimension of the valve remain unchanged and the flowmeter can measure the water through each outlet.

Technical characteristics

Medium temperature and water quantity:

  • 250 m3 @ 95°C
  • 450 m3 @ 65°C
  • 800 m3 @ 25°C

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