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Microswitches for Gas Application

It is used on gas top cookers. The microswitch for gas application is installed directly on the same axis of the gas valve. When the gas knob is turned and gas begins to flow, the switch immediately actuates the ignition spark. Modularity and easy installation are the main features of this microswitch application.


  • Operating voltage   250v ac / 50hz.
  • Max. Operating temp:   150°C.
  • Min. Contact gap   <3mm.
  • Body and cover  material   PA6625 self-extinguishing V0.
  • Insulation resistance   > 5MW.
  • Min. Actuation force:   400gr.
  • Min. Reset force:   150gr.
  • Electrical life:   min 50,000 cycles.



Rotary Switches

Main Features

  • Double contact for high reliability.
  • "O-Ring" for dust-proof versions.
  • Gold plated PCB tracks.
  • SMD resistors.
  • Snap-in mounting: two versions.
  • Two shafts versions.
  • Single or double side pcb.

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